Saturday, March 31, 2018

Early Bird Gets More Than a Bounty

Make sure to purchase your entry early for Wednesday's #ThunderBuddies $560 Grand Opening Celebrity Bounty #WPTDSThunderValley to take advantage of all this event has to offer.

there's a Bounty at each of the first 11 tables in action on Wednesday, so be one of the first 99 to ensure you have a Bounty at your table to start the tournament.

Also, the first 100 players to enter all receive autographed copies of Mike Sexton's book, "Life's a Gamble." The book is available at the Tuesday night bounty players reception at High Steaks Steakhouse.

Speaking of Tuesday, a scramble golf event is also available at 9am Tuesday at Whitney Oaks for bounty entrants.

Bounties are on the heads of WPT Founder Steve Lipscomb, Matt Savage, Lynn Gilmartin, JC Tran, Tyler Patterson, Rep Porter, Lon McEachern, Jeff Fielder, Rex Clinkscales, Allen Kessler and Justin Hammer.

Registration is available 24/7 at the cashier's cage inside TVPokerRoom.

Go here for more tournament information.

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