Saturday, March 31, 2018

Going 9 From Here

Moving to Level 10 in the OneDay$100k and it is 9-handed at almost every table now, playing 9Max the rest of this one day tournament with a $164,400 prize pool.

Among those looking for one of the 52 cashes today is Mike Harvey, Greg White, Chris Hinchcliffe, Jimmy Zeledon, John and Georgene Farmer, Hong Zhang, Kathy Stahl, Jon Des Pois, Charisse Case, Jeff Spruitenberg, Rudy Robledo, Al Sanchez, Ryan Reilley, Jose Hernandez, Paul McCaffrey, Patrick Testoni, Michael Scott (who just doubled AA > KK), Travis Fujisaka, Terry Klinefelter, Randy Gil, Rob Anderson, Rick Colson, David Larson, Anton Dimagiba, Hieu Le, Darren Bortmas, Jeff Walsh, Timon Rooney, Salas Alam, Kirk Rexford, Amber Chatwin, Charles Shelton, Josh Morrow, Barry Birdwell and Lay Saelee.

First place today is 74x ROI with the added bonus of a seat to this Wednesday's $560 Grand Opening Celebrity Bounty.

Level - 10
Antes - 200
Blinds - 800/1600
Remaining - 176/411

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