Monday, March 5, 2018

Hinchcliffe Shoves, Busquet Survives

Paul McCaffrey opens for 20,000 as first-to-act, Chris @RUKidingMe44 Hinchcliffe makes it 46,000, Olivier Busquet undershoves for 25,000, action folds back around to McCaffrey who calls.

both players check the flop, then McCaffrey check-calls the 22,000 bet from Hinchcliffe on the Kc Kc Kc Kc turn - Hinchcliffe tossing his 22k bet in McCaffrey's direction and the latter returning teh action, calling his bet with his chips sliding directly at Hinchcliffe.

McCaffrey checks the Kc turn, Hinchcliffe grabs a stack of 5k chips, placing then out in front as he announces that he's all in as well.

McCaffrey uses up his shot clock before folding, then has a look of surprise on his face when Hinchcliffe tables Pocket_Nines to win the sidepot.

Busquet tales Ace_Deuce and takes the main pot to remain in the Main Event.

One hand later, Hinchcliffe eliminates Rellie Gigua is a bit of an unusual hand. Hinchcliffe opens, Sigua moves all-in for 350,000 and Hinchcliffe believes the players to his right - Mario Lopez and McCaffrey - have already folded so he tables his hand.

Oops, neither had acted. McCaffrey folds his Pocket_Fives, the hand goes on and two fives are on the flop ... ummm, whoa ... while McCaffrey most certainly was not calling off his stack with Pocket_Fives to an all-in, that, um, ouch ...

Hinchcliffe gets a one-lap for exposing his hand with multiple actions pending.

Level - 19
Antes - 1k
Blinds - 4k/8k
Entries - 35

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