Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Ian Steinman - 2nd Place - $201,428

David Larson hit every card in the deck once heads-up play began, opening a large chiplead on Ian Steinman.

Larson opened to 375,000 and Steinman bumped it to 1,100,000, with Larson calling. The 6-J-A flop gets a check from Steinman, a 400k bet from Larson and a call from Steinman.

Another Ace falls on the turn, both players check, then Steinman leads out the betting on the Queen river, Larson moves all in and Steinman finds a call, turning over Pocket_Kings for Aces and Kings.

Larson shows Ace_Six for a flopped two pair that turned a full house and Steinman is eliminated in second place, cashing for $201,428

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