Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Joe McKeehen - 3rd Place - $131.081

Joe McKeehen opens for 250,000 and David Larson calls. larson bets 400,000 on teh flop, McKeehen moves all in and is snap-called by Larson to put the former WSOP Main Event champ's tournament life on the line 3-handed in the WPT Rolling Thunder $3,500 Main Event.

The flop is 4-J-5, two hearts
Larson tables Ace_Seven of hearts for a flush draw
McKeehen shows Queen_Nine of spades for a backdoor straight draw

Turn is a 4, McKeehen drawing only to a Queen or Nine now, he misses the river and is eliminated in third palce, cashing for $131,081

The heads-up match between Larson and Ian Steinman is now underway.

Level - 31
Antes - 20k
Blinds - 60k/120k
Entries - 2/440

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