Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Kings v. Queens v. Jacks, Oh My

Dennis Worku opens for 14,000, Rob Hernandez moves all in for 62,500, a third player jumps over-the-top for about 60,000 more. Worku pauses, hesitates, then calls.

Rob Hernandez shows Pocket_Kings
Player III shows Pocket_jacks
Worku, the 'challenger,' who joined in with Rick Colson in table-chirping earlier, semi-slow-rolls Pocket_Queens.

"Don't so it to me," Garcia implores SangThe Dealer.

Sang runs the cards out 5-7-6-7-6 and Garcia celebrates moving to 195,000.

Sang counts down to 84,000. Worku has the third player covered and takes the sidepot.

Worku and Colson mix it up again the very next hand, Colson again moving all-in over Worku, who verbally challenges Colson, who trash-talks Worku in to another fold.

Level - 14
Antes - 500
Blinds - 2k/4k
Entries - 24/181, 9 from end-of-play.

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