Friday, March 2, 2018

Lynskey Dominating

Event 1 - Ken Huynh falls in 4th place to new overwhelming chipleader Alex Lynskey.

Huynh cashes for $12,230 in the @WPT Rolling Thunder $1,100 with $100k Guaranteed.

Lynskey now has 65 percent of all the chips in play, 3-handed with Wilton Alejandro and Darrell Cain.

Here's the Final Table payouts so far

4KenHuynhSan Jose, CA$12,230
5JohnDuckworthWilton, CA$9,447
6ThomasZanotLA, CA$7,820
7JosephAlbanKona, HI$6,664
8JohnRichardsRoxana, IL$5,762
9ChristopherThamSF, CA$4,880

Level - 23
Antes - 4k
Blinds - 12k/24k
Entries - 3/196

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