Friday, March 2, 2018

Matt Salsberg, Hafiz Khan, Jake Balsiger, Mike Ross, Allen Kessler, Steven Tabb (above), Jesse Rockowitz, Vijay Ramani, Mike Lancaster and Yotam Shmuelov are among those entering during Level 2 here in @WPT Rolling Thunder $3,500 Main Event Day 1A.

Registration is open for all 8 Day 1A levels, with play concluding today at 8:45pm.

Day 1B runs the same Noon-to-8:45pm schedule, 8 hour-long levels of play with 15-minute breaks every 2 levels.

Registration stays open through the first two levels Sunday on Day 2, closing when Level 11 starts Sunday at 2:15pm.

Players have one entry and one re-entry available on each of the two Day 1 flights, plus a single entry during Day 2.

Level - 2
Blinds - 75/150
Entries - 79

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