Wednesday, March 28, 2018

OneDay$100k This Saturday

The second $100,000 Guarantee in the @WPTDeepStacks series takes place this Saturday with the always-popular OneDay$100k. Begin with 20,000 stacks and play 30-minute levels the entire tournament.

Satellites for this $460 buy-in event began last Saturday, with 38 seats guaranteed still in to the tournament, including a 20-seat-guarantee at 7pm this Friday night.

Here's the full schedule for OneDay$100k Satellites and structure sheets for both the tournament and satellites

Wed3/2811A$160 Day 1BEvent 1 - Catapult $100k GTD$100k GTD
Wed3/282P$110 SattyTo 3/31 OneDay$100k 5 seats GTD
Wed3/286P$160 Day 1CEvent 1 - Catapult $100k GTD$100k GTD
Th3/2911A$160 Day 1DEvent 1 - Catapult $100k GTD$100k GTD
Th3/292P$110 SattyTo 3/31 OneDay$100k 5 seats GTD
Th3/296P$160 Day 1EEvent 1 - Catapult $100k GTD$100k GTD
Fri3/3011A$60 SattyTo 3/31 OneDay$100k 3 seats GTD
Fri3/302P$110 SattyTo 3/31 OneDay$100k 5 seats GTD
Fri3/306P$160 Day 2Event 1 - Catapult Day 2$100k GTD
Fri3/307P$110 SattyTo 3/31 OneDay$100k 20 seats GTD
Sat3/319A$110 TURBOTo 3/31 OneDay$100k
Sat3/3111A$460Event 2- OneDay$100kGTD

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