Monday, March 5, 2018

Open-Dark Lyons KO's Hinchcliffe

Binds of 8k/16k and Pat @FlyinLyons raises dark to 75,000. Chris @RUKidingMe44 Hinchcliffe moves all in for his last 305,000, Lyons finally checks his cards and calls.

Lyons somehow wakes up with Ace_Eight and is facing the King_Queen of Hinchliffe ... and there's an Ace in the window.

Hinchcliffe catches his Queen on the river but it is not enough walks off in 13th place, twice having run in to dark-bets from Lyons that once took a huge chunk of his chips, with the second bringing his main event to an end.

Hinchcliffe cashes for $17,970.

A redraw is taking place now, new chipcounts coming soon.

Level - 22
Antes - 2k
Blinds - 8k/16k
Entries - 12/440

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