Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Ping Liu - 4th Place - $97,510

All in preflop with Queen_Ten for his last 1.45 million, Ping Liu runs in to the Ace_Queen of Ian Steinman who moves over the top for 3.5 million..

Liu finds no Ten on the flop, turn or river and is eliminated in 4th place, cashing for $97,510.

Steinman moves to 5 million of the 13.1 million in play

Joe McKeehen, Steinman and David Larson are the three remaining players, payouts of $295,128 for first, $201,428 for the runner-up and third place receives $131,081.

Level - 30
Antes - 15k
Blinds - 50k/100k
Entries - 3/440

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