Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Start and Bubble

Day 1C of the $160 Catapult with $100,000 a Guarantee - Event 1 in the @WPTDeepStacks series - is about to kick off at the same time that Day 1B is one away from the money bubble.

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Catapult players start with 12,000 stacks and play six 20-minute levels during the registration (and one re-entry per player, per flight) period, moving to 30-minute levels after registration closes at 8:15pm.

Top 10 percent of the starting field make the money, the day ends when down to 8 percent of the field, those 8 percent moving on to Friday's 6pm start for Day 2.

Day 1C Level - 2
Blinds - 25/50
Entries - 73

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