Monday, March 5, 2018

That Could'a Been Ugly

George Saca opens, Lance Oliver moves in for 46,000, Joe McKeehen 4-bets to 100,000 and Saca - with about 550,000 chips and 100k behind McKeehen's stack - folds Pocket_Sevens face up.

McKeehen shows Ace_King and is well ahead of the King_Eight of Oliver (above).

There's a 7 in the window, two Queens follow, and a King on the river, McKeehen eliminating Oliver.

McKeehen points out how much could have gone in the pot with the King hitting the river, giving him TopTwo pair and Saca already having a boat ...

Oliver is out in 31st place, a $7,522 cash as action moves to 90-minute levels.

Level - 20
Antes - 1k
Blinds - 5k/10k
Entries - 30/440

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