Sunday, April 8, 2018

14 for $3k So Far

Early in the Big Blind Ante $3k Diamond and there's 14 entries, including Steven Tabb, Justo Avalos, Deb (Wall) Sternberg, Mike Harvey, Jasthi Kumar, Alan Mastic, Willie Smith, Chris Tham, Marcus Abadi, Ed Holstein, Ashwin Sarin, William Powell-Haley, Peter Rosenblum and Ubaid Habib.

50,000 stacks, 40-minute levels, the registration and unlimited re-entry period (you're welcome, Mike Harvey) is available until 9:35pm, the start of Level 10.

Day 2 is scheduled for a 1pm Monday start, but players may choose to complete this in one day if they unanimously desire.

Level - 3
BB Ante - 300
Blinds - 200/300
Entries - 14

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