Sunday, April 1, 2018

3 Ask About ICM

Curtis Longman (above) eliminates Sean Drake in 4th place in #WPTDSThunderValley OneDay$100k - Drake cashing for $10,127 - and the final three players ask to take a look at what the ICM numbers are.

"I am probably just going to keep playing, but I'd like to see what they are," says Paul Kuchta.

The numbers show payouts from $21k-$25k for the three players - Kuchta, Greg White and Longman, and Kuchta reaffirms he's choosing to keep playing.

No discussions until one player is eliminated now, so off they go to a Level Up and 68BB remaining in play.

Level - 28
Antes - 20k
Blinds - 60k/120k
Entries - 3/411

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