Monday, April 2, 2018

45 Through 4

Four levels are complete in this morning's $160 HORSE - #WPTDSThunderValley Series Event 5 - and among those I see with their 12,000 starting stacks in play is Alex Aguilar, Bill Watchman, Brendon Thomson, Tahoe Andrew, Carlton Camrye, Slyvia Day, Darryl Okamoto, Kirk Rexford, Rudy Robledo, Jeff Sardella, Marcos Stokes, Gary Tanko and Sheila Triggs.

Registration and a single re-entry per player is available until JohnQTD starts level 7 at 1:15pm.

Level - 4
Antes - 50
Blinds - 200/400
Limits - 400/800
Entries - 45

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