Monday, April 9, 2018

Always a Sweat

@MikeNoori moves all in preflop for 1.65 million and is called by Ravi Udayakumar.

Noori shows Queen_Jack and is up against two the Red Tens of Udayakumar.

Both players crush the Q-J-9, two diamond flop, Noori hitting two pair, Udayakumar with an open-ended straight draw and a backdoor flush draw.

There's a Queen on the turn to give Noori a boat, but hold on, that's the Queen_of_Diamonds .. Udayakumar now has an open-ended straight flush draw

The board goes Bary Greenstein ("Ace On The River," the name of Barry's book) and Noori doubles to 3.4 million, Udayakumar down to 2.5 million

Antes - 25k
Blinds - 75k/150k
Remaining - 4/724

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