Sunday, April 1, 2018

Bigg Pott to Bigg Dogg

7-handed at #WPTDSThunderValley OneDay$100k - Greg @Zarrdogg White opens for 200,000, Willie Smith moves in for 710,000, then Shawn Naggiar undershoves for 430,000.

White runs the math, kind'a aloud, and calls to put both players at risk

White shows Pocket_Sevens and he's the only one with a pair, up against the Ace_Queen of Smith and King-Ten of Naggiar.

There's a Ten on the flop to put the short-stacked Naggiar in position for a triple-up, but White four-flushes and eliminates both players.

Naggiar cashes for $5,425 in 7th place
Smith cashes for $6,461 in 6th.

White moves to 2.9 million.

Level - 26
Antes - 10k
Blinds - 40k/80k
Entries - 5/411

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