Sunday, April 1, 2018

Chris Elkins - 9th Place - $3,370

Greg @Zarrdogg White makes it 125,000 on the 6-9-J, Two-Hearts flop and @ChrisElkins makes it 275,000.

White calls and to the turn they go.

Eight_of_Hearts and White adds 200,000 more.

Elkins doesn't like the bet-sizing at all and takes nearly two minutes before moving all-in ... and White snap-calls.

"I did not want a call there," says Elkins as he turns over Pocket_Sevens with the 7 of hearts for a gutter to a straight flush.

White shows Queen_Ten with one heart, holding a made straight and a higher flush draw, Elkins needing the 5 or Ten of hearts ...

Ace of spades and now for the counts

535,000 for Elkins, 575,000 for White .. Elkins is eliminated in 9th place, the second final table elimination for White who earlier sent Rob Anderson home in 10th.

White is at 2.2 million, chipleader with 20 percent of the chips in play 8-handed

Level - 25
Antes - 10k
Blinds - 30k/60k
Entries - 8/411

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