Friday, April 6, 2018

Out, Triple, Bleep

Curtis @BCHeron76's trip from Canada for @WPTDeepStacks $500,000 Guarantee Main Event and all the Grand Opening festivities just improved a bit.

Four players to the flop with a limped pot.

3-3-7, two clubs goes the flop.

First player makes it 1,025.
Glenn Larson moves in for 7,400
Heron (above left, with Mike Sexton during the Player's Reception on Tuesday) OTT for 10,850
Fourth player OTT for 25500

The original bettor finds a fold and up go the cards.

Larson has Seven_Eight, all red, for two pair, 8 kicker
Heron shows Ace_Three, all red - for trips, top kicker
Player 4 slams his cards down and they scatter across the felt as he exhibits his ability to utter expletives, the Nine_Three, also all red, remain face up.

The board runs out J-4, Larson is eliminated, Heron gets just about a full Triple and more expletives - along with a toss across the felt of the All-In button - come from Player 4.

Methinks Player 4 is a tad unhappy.

Level - 8
Antes - 75
Blinds - 250/500
Entries - 204

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