Sunday, April 1, 2018

Double-Tourney time

Today's edition of #WhoLovesItMore highlights Patrick @Jackhammr318 Testoni who took advantage of multiple tourneys in the region to get in a lot of play, a nice cash and more than a few miles on his car's odometer.

Testoni was here for the opening $100,000 Guarantee Catapult.

Next, he drove over Donner Summit to the Peppermill in Reno to bag a stack Friday in the first flight of the RunItUpReno Main Event.

Yesterday he was back here for yesterday's OneDay$100k.

Today he played in Day 2 of the RunItUp main and cashed in 50th, having his Queens cracked.

Now he's back over the summit yet again and seats for tonight's $160 with $50 bounties.

C'mon, seriously, WHO loves it more ....

Level - 3
Antes - 25
Blinds - 100/200
Entries - 93

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