Thursday, April 5, 2018

The Legend Lives On

We've regaled readers for years with the Legend of the Food Coma, and today's Day 1A in the $500,000 Guarantee @WPTDeepStacks $1,100 Main Event is only helping cement the legacy in poker lore.

The story goes like this ...

15-20 percent of the overall starting field in multi-day, multi-flight poker tournaments are eliminated in the first 40 minutes after dinner break concludes.

What happens?

Well, devout followers the Legend of the Food Coma believe players go on break, get a really good dinner, then wander back in to the poker room very relaxed and perhaps a tad unfocused on the play at hand.

A few loose calls later and player-after-player is headed to the rail - sans chips - with a foggy gaze that is half-confused and half-food-satiated.

54 returned from dinner tonight ... 43 remain some 40 minutes later as a LevelUp takes place.

That's 20.4 percent of the field gone in the levels after dinner break .... #FoodComaIsReal

Level - 10
Antes - 100
Blinds - 500/1k
Remaining - 43/100

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