Saturday, April 7, 2018

Who is Here So Far, Part III, a New Beginning

Rounding out the impressive list of Who is Here So Far takes us to tables 20 and up, where we make a look across the tables to see the likes of  ...

Tony Dunst, Sean Yu, Ian Steinman, Kyle Kitagawa, Rayo Kniep, Salas Alam, Kelly Douglas, Rick Colson, Deb Sternberg, Wilton Alejandro, Loren Cloninger, Thomas Tran, Hong Zhang, Allan Fernando, Carlo Castagnetto, Alan Bittikofer, Huan Cung, Cobra Pak, Tess Robinson, Jeff Halcomb, Craig Buchmiller, Prab Thonduru, Tom Spruitenberg, Anton Dimagiba, Vijay Ramani, Gary PIsarek, Dan Kozakevich, Shane Heine and Lynda Hernandez.

Level - 3
Antes - 25
Blinds - 75/150
Entries Today - 307
Total Entries So Far - 622

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