Kickoff Series

2018 Tournament Kickoff Series. Structure Sheets to Follow

Sat12/3011A$60Satty to $30k GTD
Sat12/3017P$60Satty to $30k GTD
Sun12/3111A$60Satty to $30k GTD
Mon1/19A$60Satty to $30k GTD
Mon1/111A1$345$30,000 GTD
Mon1/16P2$250$200 Bounties
Tue1/211A3$100$5,000 GTD
Tue1/26P4$100PLO - $2.5k GTD
Wed1/311A5$100ChangeUp, $5k GTD
Th1/411A7$100$25 Bounties
Th1/46P8$100Omaha8, $5k GTD
Fri1/511A$110Satty to OneDay$100K
Fri1/56P$110Satty to OneDay$100K
Fri1/59P$110Satty to OneDay$100K
Sat1/69A$110Satty to OneDay$100K
Sat1/611A9$460OneDay $100,000 GTD